H5 Trophy Ranches - ACTIVITIES:

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Blind / Feeder
  • Blind / Feeder
  • Offroad Vehicle
  • High View of Feeders
  • Baby Deer at Feeder
  • Deer & Buck
  • Group of Deer at Feeder
  • Group of Deer
  • River
  • Vehicle at Blind
  • Blind Door Handle
  • View from Blind Window
  • Taking Aim
  • View from Offroad Vehicle
  • Blind and Bison
  • Running Buffalo
  • Bison at Feeder
  • Dam
  • View from Offroad Vehicle
  • Road
  • Hiking Man
  • Vehicle Top Seat
  • Water Trough
  • baby Deer Eating
  • Baby Deer
  • Blind
  • Ranch Wide View
  • White Tail Deer
  • Fishing Pond in Distance
  • Pond


Customize your once in a lifetime adventure to make your hunt as exciting or as challenging as you want your experience to be. It’s your hunt, your way.

To assist you in your hunting needs we offer experienced guides, four-wheeled vehicles, lots of trails, and custom elevated tower blinds that are insulated with 360-Degree viewing perspective for over 20 locations. We also have designated blinds and locations for bow hunting only.

Strategically located corn and protein feeders as well as water troughs furnish ample water for wildlife that roam along the higher elevations of the ranch. Game animals need to travel only a short distance along wooded canyons to drink at natural water sources.

Wildlife flourishes in healthy numbers throughout the ranch. Whitetail deer, axis, bison and sika deer all thrive abundantly on the ranch. For more information, please see the GAME PREVIEW section. Feral Pigs, Grey fox, bobcat, raccoon, ringtail cat, coyote are the primary predators and varmints in the area. Occasionally mountain lions and javelina are spotted on the property.


On the H5 Trophy Ranches, we offer two small emerald pools with deep clear water that are located along the concourse of the spring-fed creek. These spring-fed pools are well suited for fishing. Meandering, year-round springs are nestled in the bottom of wooded canyons for your enjoyment.

The main wildlife watering hole is also a great little recreation spot and has been stocked with "Trophy" Bass. The second pond is flourishing with Exotic Bluegill Fish for a different gaming experience. Both ponds are within a short ride away of the Trophy Lodge and Whitetail Cabins.


Trying out a new hunting device or need to brush up on your skills? Fire your ammo at our Rifle Range located on the ranch. (*more details to follow).


Enjoy some trap shooting: Shotgun shooting at Clay targets, where the targets are launched from a single "house" or machine, away from the shooter. (*more details to follow).

In the interest of maintaining a safe environment for all, each guest will be informed of our safety policies upon arrival.